I am Lisa Johnson aka your HR Warrior

One day when I was speaking to a group of HR leaders and I shared my experience while working ‘the mean HR streets of Silicon valley and San Francisco’ and how I came to realize that though most HR executives may be over-whelmed and underappreciated, they are actually ‘warriors.’

Every day they and their teams fight the proverbial good fight of protecting employee rights while balancing them to critical company business needs.

They slay the dragons of compliance, bring peace to the trials and tribulations of employee relations, and lead the charge of constructive change.  And given the challenges of our chosen profession, I think it’s important to acknowledge it takes a courageous demeanor and steely determination to advocate with weapons of emotional intelligence and finely sharpened words of persuasion to be a successful HR leader.

In fact:

I think it takes a warrior.

Living in the lovely wine country of Sonoma County, I am the Vice President of HR for The Nelson Family of Companies.  I have worked with globally recognized high tech and social media companies, in addition to start ups and medium sized organizations.  High tech, creative, retail, non-profit, manufacturing, finance, administrative; there are few industries I haven’t had the pleasure of helping.  If you would like to see my LinkedIn profile please click HERE.

I strive to illuminate, educate, and entertain in equal measure.

As an HR executive I enjoy sharing knowledge and presenting to groups and coaching individual CEO’s or leaders.  Given the breadth of employer compliance, HR has become a team sport.  And it helps to have an expert invested in your success in your corner.

I have over 18 years of HR experience and am passionate about my career; I strive to illuminate, educate, and entertain in equal measure.  Humor in HR is generally lacking, yet HR problems are typically stressful behavioral confrontation and process compliance issues, so I think a healthy sense of humor is critical to raising the bar in HR.

We all work hard to meet employer, employee, and client needs; that takes a warrior’s spirit and stamina, and this dynamic is only improved by laughter. 

Negativity remains fixed; joviality always moves forward. And a successful professional warrior always seeks the best solution ahead on the horizon.

So when I’m not working you will find me happily atop my trusty American Saddlebred steed Dante (yes, that’s him in the picture) galloping in the sunny California hills, thinking up new ways to be a great HR Warrior for you.  

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