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Why You Should Hire Lisa


 Harassment   Prevention           &Sensitivity           TRAINING



  Champion                                        Your Culture

 Employer                 Hot Topics           EVENT SPEAKING


 Entertaining                 Enlightening                                   & Customized

 Handbook     Policy &   Proceedure   COMPLIANCE





  Tame                                             Your Process Dragons


 Leadership      Coaching           CEO TRUSTED   ADVISOR           


  Lead                                                          Positive & Profitable                            Change  


Participants walk out of HR Warrior trainings & speaking events with tools, concepts & strategies to use same day. They gain new talk tracks, ideas, and methods for leadership success.


Staying current & compliant as a business is critical to success, as well as the financial bottom line. HR Warrior can bring you the latest & greatest in thought leadership to support your companies goals.



HR Warrior services are  always customized to   your individual or group’s specific industry & company needs.  Presentations that illuminate and educate, as  well as entertain.