While working the mean streets of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Sonoma County, it has occurred to me MANY times as an HR professional like myself and MANY others are a courageous bunch fighting for our companies/employees success, while slaying dragons of compliance, and conquering piles of policy, litigation, and employee relations….we are …in a word warriors…HR Warriors.   

I would use this HR Warrior (HRW) analogy when training hiring managers and others, and addressing CEO, CFO, COO, well all the C’s and O’s, and it resonated. And soon we were all exchanging our silent ‘gang’ sign of index, middle, and 3rd finger up in the shape of a ‘W’ to indicate our warrior band of brothers and sisters solidarity (well…sisters mostly…but the executive HR brothers did represent…word).

It has been my dream to take that concept and bring it to life in cyberspace, the speaker stage, and far beyond.  To create a place where I could advocate for the HR Warriors, help the CEO battle compliance, and sooth the beasts of employee relations with education,  And share some much needed cathartic laughs along the way. Though HR is NOT known for it’s sense of humor, it is in fact the profession in most need of comic relief.

Well today I am ready to lead the charge with this web site, but I am hopeful you will join me on this journey with your input and comments. Because our once solo practitioner profession has become a team sport out of necessity, It’s important to surround yourself with other well informed warriors.

And every warrior needs a side kick, and mine is the horse featured on my main page.  This is my real life faithful steed and friend ‘Dante’.  A talented, funny, fierce, and smart American Saddlebred gelding who balances out my inside corporate office and laptop life with his outside in nature based ‘live in the moment’ horsey personality. I think all HR Warrior’s need interests outside of work that rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul.  He is mine.

Besides, it’s kinda a cool to be featured on a rearing horse as your business brand. Something I work hard to live up to every day.  And it is kinda’ comical; another thing I strive for every day: humor.

The dragon in the picture is a symbol of our HR obstacles we must overcome. And the unicorn – the rare ‘beasts’ in the HR world we must locate and nurture (like executives who understand the how HR contributes to the bottom line).

Thanks for visiting my page.  I look forward to us charging ahead together; let the HRW adventure begin!