I worked with a leader who inspired fear every time he worked with his reports. He would say, ‘To respect me they must fear me’. And to that, I would say ‘Fear gets impressive short term results, but makes for depressing long term results.’

When they stop fearing you, or the resentment builds; they will work against you not for you. You become a bully, and bullies are something you over come – but do not WANT to become.

You need to build allies not enemies. You must lead with pride not punishment.

The productivity that comes from an employee eager to gain your praise is 10 times more powerful than the employee who is trying to avoid your wrath. It is the coward’s choice to intimidate. Why? Because it is EASY to intimidate when you have power over another person’s fate…their work…their employment…even to a degree their happiness.

It is the courageous and confident leader that chooses to lead by example and inspiration. Why? Because it is hard work. But it gets results.

Anyone who can modify their leadership style to the situation at hand and saves the iron fist of fear for where it is appropriate; which is when employees behave INappropriately. Stands up to them; acts in a timely manner. IS a champion to be followed. And will get long term results.

And ironically, it is the bully manager that disappears during this scenario. And it is the absence of leadership when is needed, and the excess of it when it isn’t, that teaches your employees you are not to be trusted.

And without trust, there can be no respect, and without respect, you are not a leader to be followed, you are a bully to be avoided – or worse – challenged and under minded.

The ability to act fairly and earn respect, while not avoiding confrontation when your power is required, is what separates the bullies from the champions. It is a leader who inspires emulation that reduces confrontation – and creates more champions